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Business Incorporations

Some important info

Incorporation is a form of business ownership that creates a distinct legal entity separate from its owners unlike legal business structures such as sole proprietorships and partnerships. It provides you with limited liability of losses, any damage or responsibilities.

Unlike sole proprietorship and partnership, incorporating your business have many benefits that you can’t think of:

  • Doing business for long period of time
  • Equal or Fair income for family and spouses
  • Taking limited responsibilities without any fear
  • Equal or Fair income for shareholders
  • Corporate tax rate is lower than a personal tax rate
  • Can borrow money from the equity in the company

Incorporating on your own is more prone to risks, losses and mistakes. Getting it done by professionals is like saving money and getting success too.

At AM Accountants, we can help you change your business type from partnerships or proprietorships to Incorporations. We can explain and make you understand the difference and let you succeed in your business.

You need advice to help you choose whether it makes sense to pay a salary or dividends. What option is right for you? Don’t guess. AM Accountants helps you make the right decision that works for you, your family and your business.

You can tell us concerns and questions about your business and we can help you lower your effective taxes, opt out of pension plans, protect your personal assets etc. by incorporating your business or say understanding and discussing your business profits and losses that are taken into context for your entity type.


Chartered Professional Accountants with 10+ year experience who aim to help their clients with their expertise in accounting, bookkeeping, Payroll(for construction companies, Trucking Companies, Amazon Delivery Drivers and Restaurants etc.),  GST Return, Personal & Corporate Tax Return, Business Plans, Business Registrations & Incorporation Tax Planning & Consulting.

We help you focus

As we are there for you to provide the best services in Calgary.Therefore, all your burdens related to your business and other accounts related activities, are on our shoulders. So by this way your focus should be on your business development and your client’s satisfaction.